Owner of the Inn of the Rising Sun


Class: Expert/Warrior
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Marital Status: Widowed
Deity: Unknown
Date Created: 09/14/1988
Current Occupation: Tavern Owner
Current Base of Operations: Inn of the Rising Sun


“Good old Hapstad…” “Those words are the first to come to mind when just about everyone talks about Hapstad. A person would be hard pressed to find anything bad to say about him. Now that I think about it, I only know of one person who has ever had a bad to word to say about him. That would be Crazy Jack.” Raymond pauses for a moment then continues.

“But I’m getting ahead of myself here. You want to know more about the man himself.” “You see Hapstad is a retired adventurer, you know those types. Those who start out young, seeking glory and honor and after a few years, realize just how lucky they are to be still alive. Way I understand it Hapstad turned out to be quite the fighter, but you would never know it by his personality.” “Hapstad must be one of the most jolly men I know. He always seems to be in a good mood. Always quick in telling one of those tales from his adventuring days. Yet, kind of enough to shut his own trap and listen to you when you need him to. Not many men can do that.” Raymond shakes his head then adds.

“I suppose you want more details than that. Well, I don’t know if I have time to cover them all. But I will do my best.” “I’m not sure of when he purchased the Inn of the Rising Sun. All I know is that it was some time ago. You may not believe this, but the Inn of the Rising Sun is a magical place. It is constantly moving from village to village, city to city. Never staying in one place for much longer than you are. All the employees never change… for that matter, now that I think about it, they don’t age as well.” Raymond pauses, takes a drink from his strong ale and then shrugs before saying.

“That can’t be, I’ve known Hapstad for a good 15 years. He has to of aged, I know I did. Well, then again maybe he didn’t, who can tell when it comes to magic.” Raymond sighs and then continues. “The Inn is constantly full, I mean, if I was to enter it inside a small village of a hundred or so people, I would find double that about of people inside the Inn. Yet, no one has ever been turned away because of lack of space.” “You see what I mean, magic.” A smile crosses his lips and he takes another strong swig of his ale then says.

“I could give you more about the Inn, but why don’t you check it out yourself. You’ll learn more that way.” “Before I mentioned a man by the name of Crazy Jack.” “Talk about your oddball characters. The man is plain crazy. The fool will do anything to get your business. Why I even heard he once walked on hot coals to get someone’s business.” “Crazy Jack is the only man that I know of that Hapstad has ever said anything bad of. To be quite honest, Hapstad hates the man. Not that I blame him, I don’t care for the man much myself. In all my years of knowing Hapstad, Crazy Jack is the only one to make Hapstad angry.” “Rumor is that Crazy Jack and Hapstad once adventured together. Yet know one knows for sure. Hapstad won’t speak of it.” Raymond glances over his shoulder towards the bar where Hapstad is working then turns and lowers his voice a bit before he says to you.

“Crazy Jack is a business rival of Hapstad these days. I don’t recommend mentioning to Hapstad that you have been to Crazy Jack’s place. Hapstad’s likely to kick you out of his place just out of spite.” “Well yes there is more to tell you about the man. But you won’t here anymore out of me. If you want a know more ask the man himself. Who knows? He might just tell you his story.”

-Raymond Briggs, Ranger
Patron of the Inn of the Rising Sun


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